My Reality
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2002-08-20 03:13:01 (UTC)

Faith can rewrite your future...

Ok so I am really obsessed with books of quotes and such
so I tend to try and live a very philosophical life that
is filled with little sayings that get me through the day
because lets face it, reality is just too much for most
people. So faith. Faith in what you might ask. Well
honestly I have to say that what you have faith in depends
entirely on the person. Some have faith in religion some
have faith in love, other people, themselves, the future,
really anything goes, as long as you believe in it, you
can have faith in it. Ok so the difference between faith
and fate. Faith is something that you trust yourself to
do. You let yourself believe in something because it
appeals to you and you believe that it will carry you
through. Fate, is something that isn’t tangible, it isn’t
really anything you can prove, its just an idea that
things happen for a reason and that life will end up where
its suppose to be. Its an unknown force that places
things where they should be to make life continue. Some
believe that fate is a bad thing. That fate will only put
you in an unpleasing situation, however, I think that fate
just puts you where it puts you, I don’t think that
everything positive that happens is due to fate nor do I
think all that is negative that occurs is due to fate, I
just think things happen and there is a reason for them.
Who is in charge of all of this, well hell if I know,
don’t know if “someone” has a master plan that lays out
everything that will happen in life, in fact I greatly
doubt it, but I do think that things will fall into place
to make lives. Whether they are good or bad, they are
meant to be that way for some reason.
Ok now to my point…having a little faith in
anything can improve your life in some way, don’t you
think, I mean a positive attitude never hurt anyone
really, it just made a bleak future a little more
appealing. You just have to keep yourself grounded enough
to know that fate might not have it in the cards to make
it happen, even though you have all the faith in the world
in it. But one thing the future can guarantee is that
anything can happen, so I say that you just need to be
patient, and yes it is the hardest thing in the world to
sit and wait, you feel as though your life is passing you
by, but I think that you just have to have the
understanding that you can carry hope in the back of your
mind and still move on with your life, just don’t forget
about it entirely. Its easy to move on but its also easy
to just give up and many people confuse the two….moving on
involves carrying on with your life with the hope that
what your desire will still come true at some point, but
giving up means you just arent strong enough to carry your
burdensome want with you. They are two different actions
that give you very different results. Yes still having
hope can hurt you quite a bit, but not having hope at all
and then looking back with regret, is even worse. What if
you did have the hope and the drive to try and make your
dream, you could have either made the situation come true
or at least ended your life with the knowledge that you
were strong enough to put all you have into what you
really wanted, and that’s something to be admired. Even
if you don’t succeed, people will still look at your
efforts as unrelenting and admirable, because you had
enough faith in yourself and what you wanted to really go
after it. But I do have to say make sure its something
that will be admired, or else you just might want to
secretly pursue your dream, I mean if word gets out you
have all the faith in the world that you can grease
yourself up, dance naked, and make a greasily bear fall in
love with you, then the world might start mocking the
idea, but until that happens, I still think its at least
worth a shot, I mean what do you have to lose, even if
what your want doesn’t come true, what have you wasted, a
few good thoughts and wishes? I mean we can all stand to
at least work towards that, don’t you think?