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2002-08-20 03:11:01 (UTC)

Gender bashing..a necessary evil or overly exaggerated?

OK yes, I don’t think there is a person out there who
hasn’t been guilty of it at some point in time. You might
not realize you did it you might have had a good reason it
might have been in a moment of anger and weakness, but
everyone has at some point in time taken a cheap shot at
the opposite sex. Does it really fulfill a need to make
ourselves feel better, do we really believe that we are
the superior sex, or is it just a good way to blow off
some steam in a moment of frustration.
Its funny, the typical things that distinguish us
with male and female characteristics and makes us
different from one another, thus creating attraction is
one of the reasons that we lay into each other so much.
Men suck, women are stupid, you are such a man, you are
such a girl. Why the hell do we take offense to the last
two. shouldn’t it be a good thing. If we are in a
heterosexual relationship shouldn’t it be good for us to
resemble the sex that we are. So what if you disagree
with that, that’s what makes us us and that’s what makes
you attracted to us in the first place, correct? I mean if
you are straight, and you are looking for a girl, wouldn’t
you want someone who is “such a girl.” And if you are
looking for a female arent you going to want someone who
resembles a girl. I mean if you don’t want that, then
arent you looking for the wrong sex in the first place.
Why is it such an insult to be the gender that we are?
doesn’t this kinda sound like a little envy on
both parts. If we are insulted to be the sex that we are
then you could infer that we all secretly admire the
opposite sex for some reason.
I hate that we have to tear each other apart such
as children do on the play grounds. I mean wouldn’t we
have much more satisfying relationships if we just
embraced our sexuality and relished in it. Granted women
do take too long to get ready on the average, and men
really do never remember to put the toilet set down, but
not once will you ever here a man say damn it why the hell
does she have to look so hot, its just a real pain in the
ass. What you respond to most is the result of taking
time to get ready so stop bitching. And while comparing
here, who says that they toilet seat has to be put back
down for the women. I mean isn’t that kinda self centered
to think that the men have to prepare the toilet for us?
It works both ways here people. We all do and say things
to the opposite sex that are selfish self centered and a
little uncalled for. Its human nature to want to be the
best, but I really don’t think that the age old question
of who is the better sex will ever be answered over a
fight about the toilet seat..I mean really, do we really
have to bash each other over such petty arguments? If we
really want to have an argument worth fighting bring up
something important that affects a lot of people. The
rights of fathers to their children after a divorce, the
ability for women to earn equal pay for equal work , the
list could go on. If you want to argue bring up good
solid reasons because I am sick and tired of hearing some
brain dead couple bicker over who is smarter, who is more
powerful and who is the more important sex, I mean think
about it, all of that stuff can be answered by genes,
dominant personalities, and the fact that both sexes are
involved in the act of human creation so technically we
all have equal roles.