A Princess
2001-07-14 19:49:48 (UTC)


Day one without chris, well itz kinda not a full day but it
sures feels like it :( Ive got to write in this diary thing
so he knows what ive been doing so anyway theres my intro
now to my day...

Woke up nice and early 7:30am :) Kinda fell asleep
again until 8,lol and my baby was away sleeping :) Went back
to bed blah blah, did some chores then got a txt message
from you know who :) We said our goodbyes and I was off
shopping, the best antidote. I only got 2 tops but hey
better than nothing. Came home and read chris's email :( So
sad, dont know how Im gonna manage because now I have no one
to talk to, well ive got moody but...well shes not very
sympathetic,lol emmas okay, she understands me BUT I was
informed on tuesday that Im not gonna be with chris :-/ she
said he wont come over here to live which is true and Im not
allowed to go there, thats one major problem...where would
we live??? Anyway we are gonna be together...Blondes! Chris
leaving had a bad effect on me, first I got all unhappy n
stuff playing sad songs and then I actually started on some
of my h/w, man this is bad...Its alright though because a
few hours later another shopping trip came up but this time
I went to look for wallpaper and blinds n stuff for my
bedroom, we are probs getting it 2moro...Itz gonna be so
weird going to sleep at like 10pm and waking up at normal
time without having the urge to go online and check for a
email/whatever...then doing my h/w because I have nothing
else to do and revising for tests :( I miss him too much
already...As stupid as it seems it feels like Im never gonna
see him again, or somethings gonna change between us :( Im
not gonna let it happen though I'll be looking forward 2 his
letter in a few weeks,okay Im thinking to much this is
really upsetting me and its been what a few hours...And I
laugh at jesse,lol...Well gotta go, day 1's pants, fingers
crossed for day 2,
Love alwayz