2001-01-14 03:43:52 (UTC)

I guess today has been kinda..

I guess today has been kinda slow...not too bad. Went and
saw Antitrust with Krystal. Good movie...I recomend it. And
I got a pic of Ben. =) Hes such a cutie. Im so glad I kno
Krystal and she decided to introduce me to her cousin.
LOL...too bad hes in Nebraska tho. Ah well I guess. I can
still talk to him online at least and hes comin to Vegas
when Krys thats only 2 more years. LOL.
Ryan called me today and hes back online thank goodness. I
missed him. And as far as I kno Shuana is still mad at him.
He sent me a link to his diary and hes so in love with
her....ouch. And she gets mad at him soo easily. I think he
deserves better. Im not saying he should dump her and go
out with me...cuz I dont kno if I deserve him. Yes I kno I
have a really low self esteem thank you. But still...thats
who I am. Im trying to get over it but its rather hard ya
kno. And Chris sure as hell didnt help me over the summer.
Tho he did help me make it thru dads heartattack with a
reasonable bit of But anywayz..yeah. You'll
notice thats one of my main problems. I dont think very
highly of myself. And friends tell me that I do too much
for others and dont think of myself which I think is a
complete and total lie. I feel like I do too much for
myself and not enough for others. Like...I feel selfish
just stated that because I think Im trying to get others to
feel sorry for me. Yeah yeah people..I have problems. Deal.
lmao. ANywayz...I think Ive said enough for now dont you?
So uhm..yeah. Jus go see Antitrust. =)