This girl's life
2001-07-14 19:25:09 (UTC)

Everything makes mt head hurt!

Ugh, what is going on here in my life. Thursday I went &
saw Jeremy & everything was so great. I felt so bad with
the entier Chris situation. But then him & his friends went
to this club. I did not get mad b/c I do go out a lot &
drink, I measn gee's I am sleeping with another guy. Well
Jeremy said that he wanted to spend all weekend with me &
that really mad me so happy. Then he called last night &
said he was not going to be able to come anymore b/c of
summin bout his car. That bothered me b/c he did not even
call me, he called his friend. So we kind of got into it &
I was like well I need to go I am just going to this party.
He was like call me when you get home I was like no you
call me tomorrow when you have time for me. Well he has yet
to call me all day & I called him & he was in the shower &
then I called back & he left without calling me. I guess he
is pissed at me & not going to speak to me for another
week. It is all getting so old though, I wish he would grow
up. I had a dream about him last night that he dumped mne
for a girl that he thought was hotter than me. Well there
was a huge party here last night, it woudl og been fun but
Chris was here hateing all night, ugh. I like to flirt & he
can not stay off back. Chris spent the night last night. We
hung out all day yesterday too. I do like him a lot, but I
dunno. I mean I love Jeremy so much but I feel like he
never has any time for me at all. I am alwasy last on his
list. Everything in the world comes before his girlfriend
b/c he thinks I will still be here waiting. He is right I
guess, it is my own fault for being stupid. Hopefully I
will get the nerve to just leave him one day & then he will
see what he had. I just need some attention fron my damn
boyfriend. Ugh, until next time.