The twisted tales of Me
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2002-08-20 02:36:37 (UTC)

First Entry.

Hmm,my first post..And I have no clue what to put
here..Well..I do..But..I don't know where to
start.HMm..Guess at the beginning.I am 16..I was born in
oklahoma..Lived there for most of my life with an abusive
brother..That pretty well ebat my will-power out of
me.Split the genes of Stallon and hitler..Put them together
and you've got my brother.He beat me humiliated
me..Hmms..*reads the list of assaults*..Stabbed me int he
wrist with A fork when I was little,pulled a gun to my head
when he was drunk once..Almost pulled one on my family but
we got away before he could..Hmm..A few other things but
I'm not going into that.My dad cheated on my mom
twice..Divroced her once..Got screwed over by A con-artist
druggy/alcoholic..Divorced her and married my mom again.My
mom dad and me moved to Texas about four years ago..Basicly
leaving my life behind.Right now..All of my friends are on-
line..I have lost most of them leaving A circle of 6-7
friends.Most of wich I don't talk to much..The others I
either ignore or I don't like much..Lost alot of friends
recently due to being lied to and getting hurt almost to
the point of suicide on one case(Did not succeed
apperantly).Hmm..Let's see..This week..I have been told to
go to hell by my supposedly dying ex-friend.Umm..One of my
closest friends wich I like has broken up with her
boyfriend and is now with someone else the very next day..I
have yet to find out the identity of this person...So
yeah..Kind of hurt..Wich is one reason why I got this
diary..Thought of hurting myself for the first time since
the night I tried to kill myself for the third time..Wich
was about two months ago...Lol..Today my friend crystal
seen my new pics..Said I looked like I had alot of pain and
hurt..Bah..Who cares.I can handle it. :D
Anywya..First entry..To the poor souls who have made it
this far into this..I congratulate thee..Anyway..Enough of
my ramblings..