Visions Of Life
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2002-08-20 02:36:36 (UTC)

Floating On Cloud Nine

I have been so happy lately. Ive been ring shopping and we
have been talking about our future and every time i even
think about us i get butterflies in my stomach. I am just
so happy that he wants to spend his life with me. All i
want is to be with him. Everything else is trivial.

I did cut myself the other night on my leg. It was over a
stupid argument about dinner. We wont go there. i am so
ashamed. I cannot keep doing this. But besides that slip
up, all is well. He gets so angry when i cut. The look on
his face makes me want to curl into a ball and hide. But
after the nager wore off and we talked, we had incredible
sex and i went to bed.

Drew Barrymore is so hot.

Shakira's new video is the greatest thing ever. God damn
she is hot! *drools*

I am on a neverending quest to find tickets to the
Seattle/Denver preseason game. Grrrr.. I need to go. The
need pulses through my body. I love both teams and its the
only time this season they will play in Denver. Tragic. But
not as tragic as Seattle switching divisions. Its good
thateattle and Denver are not in the same division so i can
root for both without being attacked but at the same time,
Seattle needs to beat out the Rams and the 49ers. The
Cardinals suck so thats not a prob but the Rams. Eek! The
Broncos better beat the 49ers tonight or Ill be pissed.

My fave footbsll player retired today and Im sad. Terrell
is an ebony god and my lust object, a great football player
and a wonderful man. *pouts* That rookie they drafted is
pretty hot. I forget his name but he has an earing and a
goatie thing and is hot. I just need to see him in the
shower to be sure... I'll miss Terrell..... =(