2001-07-14 19:00:10 (UTC)


i just got home from camp. about tuesday, i was thinking
about how much i hated bethany and ashley for talking me
itno going...i mean, iw as missing my mom and brad...and i
was missing my bed...and the kids seemed to be brats...but
by today, i was feeling like sumatanga is my second home.
funny...i don't see how it could already be saturday.

i came home to 50 86 emails...most for jeremy
basically telling me what a terrible person i am. lol...he
even brought up my liking michael and joey...sillyness...i
haven't liked joey in a year and michael...well...that's
completely gone...he's a cool person and everything..but
brad and i are @ a point in our relationship where i feel
like neither of us want to be anywhere else...which is
definitely a good thing :)

jeremy's just a jerk...i wonder how many other people there
are out there who absolutely hate their best friend's
boyfriend? lol...a lot i'm sure...