ObSiDiAn BuTtErFlY

In The Darkness..
2002-08-20 02:19:24 (UTC)


Ick, School starts this Friday. I'm so not ready to go
back. Why the heck do they make us go back toward the end
of the week? I'm not complaining I like the idea, its just
odd. School pictures are that day too!! (x_x) They know how
to make people feel so welcome! (~_~)
Now that school is starting I won't be able to talk to
Dan as much. Between work and school. Er..more or less
because I have to work two jobs to pay for that stupid car
that I HAD to have. Oh well. I can live without talking to
Dan for a day or two. ........No I won't. *Sighs* Life is
really a bitch to me, or maybe that's Fate? All I know is
it bites, and I wish money would fall from the sky. Lol.