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2002-08-20 01:47:04 (UTC)

what is life?

what is life all about? this is a question i need to be
answered. these days everyone is always in such a rush to
get everything done that its almost impossible to enjoy
life. The world is such a beautiful place and not everyone
gets to enjoy it. its really a shame. just last week i went
to New York to visit my brother and just relaxed and
enjoyed the world and all of its beauty. We drove to Ithaca
one day and stopped at a state park to go swimming in a
natural swimming hole. it was a beautiful day out and so
many people were there, carefree, just relaxing and
enjoying mother nature. that itself is a beautiful thing.
We went for a hike and for the first half ( which was 2 1/4
miles) it was just trees and streams, waterfalls, it was
breath taking. When we got half-way, we stopped to see
which way we wanted to go up the steep staircase, which i
really didn't think sounded like so much fun, or go the
rest of the way back another 2 1/4 miles. We decided to
stroll off the path and go up the dried river. After we
walked for about 1/4 a mile we came to the most beautiful
waterfall i have ever seen. (except for niagra falls) It
was so amazing...and to think probably only a few people
had been there, since the water is usually much higher and
no one would have been able to get back there. we swam
there and took so many pictures. It was amazing. Something
i will never forget.While i was in New York i realized so
much about myself, i take so many things for granted and
tend to focus on the negative things in my life. I am only
15 years old, but i am so much more mature than anyone in
my age group, besides my two dear friends. Monica and
Meagan. Monica, is a beautiful person. She is constantly
smiling and i believe she makes everyones life easier.We
both learned a few things together. Like why we need to go
to the gym, niether of us are fat, but we aren't skinny
either. I know i have problems with self confidence, and i
believe my two friends do also. They are beautiful people,
they just don't get told it enough. I think working out
will help us with our self confidence. So we can take
pictures again...lol..no one will get that except
monica...and me...of course. Meagan, i have been her friend
for so long, she can be your best friend, or you worst
nightmare...not that i would know...i love that girl to
death...i love monica to..of course. Meagan is so smart and
so nice, she is such a beautiful person. She just needs to
realize it. Her and her boyfriend matthew...hmm....they
will most likely die together, i think i get really jealous
over mat. I used to hangout with meagan all the time, but
no since she has a boyfriend we don't hang as much.but our
friendship is still there.. another reason i am jealous of
them is cause their relationship is going to last. and no
matter how hard i try, i can't suceed in a relationahip.
(don't get me wrong, i love mat too, he is an awesome guy,
he is so smart and so talented, you can tell he is going
somewhere with his life.)I think my friendship with these
two girls means the world to me,i honestly don't believe i
would be alive if it weren't for them.i don't think i have
ever told them that......
well, i believe i have written too much today, so i will
save some thoughts for tomorrow.
i still haven't found my answer to what life is.....