Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-07-14 18:26:48 (UTC)

Geee ... what a night

I GOT SCREWED!!!! NOT!!! I was just joking with you. I dont
wish for it though. Just not me to wish for absurd things
like that no matter how utterly insane I am. Okay well.
Last night well ummm yea not interesting. What was
interesting was the dream I had. Yea I kno you dont want to
hear it. But it is the same dream I had three other times
before. I just haven't wrote it as an entry yet. I mean
with me ... If I tell someone my dream, that is it .... No
more ........ and If I dont tell my dream it will continue
on. But I told Chris and Daria my dream and it still
returns. I dont kno ..... but it is really creepy like it
was out of a movie but my entire family is in it and all my
friends are too. It is somewhat delusional. Maybe I was
hallucinating. (By the way I dont take drugs .. those are
bad for you) But anyway ... the dream takes place in MY
HOUSE. But it really isn't my house because there are more
rooms. Like there is a door in my house that has always
been there just that nobody ever opened it and I was the
one to open it. So ...... I opened it and there is a long
corridor with more doors on either side. So being curious I
went to the first door. And it is a regular modern day room
(mind you this is a dream). So I continue on and I open the
next door. And this room is a mess. There are sheers on the
windows. The windows are broken and the wind is blowing. It
is night time and there is a storm out. On the left side of
the room is an old iron bed with the matress missing and it
is all bent. In the center of the room is a vanity. The
kind with the three mirrors. The center and the slanted
sides. And of alll things I am in a whie long dress with
small flowers and my hair in a ponytail. Mind you I dont
wear that kind of stuff and I never have my hair in just a
ponytail. I end up walking up to the vanity (I actually had
the guts to walk into the room) and I look into the left
mirror and I see me ... I look into the center mirror and
once again .. me I look into the right mirror and the room
had lightened up and is "updated" and I am in a ballroom
dress. The poofy kind. **SHUDDERS** ..... and there is a
lil girl sitting in the vanity chair waiting for me to fix
her hair. (maybe those movies I see are getting to me
...... I HOPE) But the dream continued on. The last time I
had this dream it finished right there. I woke up the last
time cus Chris called me and the phone was right next to
me. But this time I woke up ...... I THINK ...... And I was
sleepin on my bed and I was startled. So I got up out of
bed walked out of my room and ....... I was in a completely
different place. And I thought I had woke up! (My house is
a two story so right when I walk out to my left is the
banister) I looked over the banister and there were people
dancing on the first floor of my house. All in ballroom
dresses. (WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!!!) I blinked and
they were all gone and the entire room turned into an old
beat up house all outdated just like the room I had walked
into. Then I woke up ......... my dad walked in and woke me
up. I haven't seen any movies with an old beat up house or
anything lately. This dream just keeps on ...... and I just
really want it to go away. I am not frightened of it .... I
just want to kno what the meaning of the entire thing is.
But ......... what is it ...........................