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Tales of Life as a Good Girl
2001-07-14 18:14:23 (UTC)

Nite Movie Paranoia and Vengeance upon the Kid

Current music: Get Back by the Beatles
Current mood: Really pissed off and laughing about what a
dork I was being last night.

Ok, first things first- this morning my parents and
retarted lil bro went to this tour of the King Ranch. I
would have gone..except not! This girl does not
do "ranch." Besides, that would involve getting up at
7:30. Anyone who wants to wake me up may suffer the
consequences. (I'm not a morning person, clearly.) So I'm
sleeping and having this interesting dream, but all of the
sudden it's really scary, but the scary moment stops b/c we
all turn around to answer the phone which is ringing like
crazy. Ok, so it turns out the phone thing was real, but
guess who got to get up and answer it? Well it was noon so
I guess it was time to get up anyway.
On the phone was one of my brother's dumb friends. I
get out of bed for that? I was hoping it was you know who,
b/c he was supposed to call me.. YESTERDAY. Uhhh. Men.
Oh wait nevermind, according to the August issue of
Mademoiselle I'm not supposed to generalize men as a whole
b/c it's unattractive. LoL. Whatev...but I guess I need
all the help I can get so..ya know.
Ok, so I talk to the kid, yeah, it was the really rude
one that I can't stand. This kid is seriously uhhh. So I
hang up the phone and get back in bed. Can't fall asleep.
So I get up, wash my face, throw on some jeans, the usual
Saturday morning whatnot. A couple minutes later the
doorbell rings. I look very crappy so I decide not to
answer it b/c it's probably one of the bro's friends. I
was right of course. I guess the phone just started it. I
should have stayed in bed! Here's what happened, exactly:
Doorbell rings..I think oh yeah, I'm mean now, this is
cool, besides I'm the only one home and I'm not the
personal answering service. Doorbell rings again. I think
this is so fun, an expression of what I think of these dumb
kids. Doorbell rings again, accompanied by a knock. I'm
the only one here and I'm not coming to the door, besdies
he doesn't know that..dumb kid. Another knock. Give it up
kid. Then he yells something, I don't know what, all I
heard was the bro's name. So what if I wasn't paying
attention. Doorbell rings AGAIN. Damn, persistent aren't
they????? So then there's this big pause and I swear I
heard him knock on the back door, like pounding actually.
These kids always jump over our fence, which is not in good
shape, and when they fall and bust their butts, I will
laugh!! I will I swear, b/c most kids are cool but
something about 8-10 year old boys running all over my
house, driving me and mom craaazzyy is NOT COOL.
I didn't exaggerate any of this! Finally, the damn
little kid left. I claim victory! And the computer!
(It's by our front door, you can see who's on the comp
through the front window, unless you hide under the desk
which I would have done.)
So last night all my friends abandoned me, and I was
very sad. (Actually not technically, I should have called
Amy or Anali..) But the night before Noemi and I made
plans, but I guess she forgot b/c it was 3 am online..but
still I remembered, and she seemed all excited! That
really hurt my feelings I was sooo sad, but I didn't cry!!
One small victory I suppose. Anyway, it was Friday the
13th, maybe that explains it. Darcy came back that
day..who sees a pattern? :) Just playin!!! Well, it's the
13th, so it's like a law that they have all the slasher
movies on. Someone shoulda ran the Scream trilogy, it
woulda been interesting.'s been a long time since
those! I like a good blood and guts fest every now and
then. So the USA network was having this horror film fest
and they were showing Urban Legend, I Still Know What You
Did Last Summer, and Cherry Falls. I watched some of Urban
Legend which I'd already seen, and the beginning of I Still
Know, which seemed pretty gay so I didn't bother with it.
Cherry Falls came on at midnight, so I was already kinda
paranoid, as I can get late at night. Ok, that movie is
crazy!! Seriously when it was over I was wicked scared,
mostly b/c of the time at night (almost 3) but still, it
was one of those look over your shoulder at every time
moments. I mean, I was pretty sure I had figured out who
the killer was in the first half hour,and was right, but it
didn't become any less watchable. You'll have to watch it
for yourself, if you like slasher was
The movie basically had semi-famous people in it.
Brittany Murphy, she was in Clueless too (Tai). This girl-
I don't know her name- Lindsay knows who it is- she was on
this show me and Lindsay watched called USA High, Undressed
(an awesome show), and now on Comedy Central's That's My
Bush. There was this guy I've never seen before, but yeah,
he was HOT! Jay Mohr was in it too..he's one of those
actors that I think are really unappreciated. He was in
Mafia!, had a show on Fox called Action, and did some stuff
on Saturday Night Live for a while. could he not
be awesome? I like him, he's sorta cute too :)
Omg, you know who was just online. He's gone now.
Damn, one of these days I should get the guts to i-m him.
I will one of these days when Noemi is on too, that way it
will seem ok. We're the late-nite crowd online, me, Noemi,
and Anali.
Or we are when I'm not watching late-nite slasher
flicks with B-list actors and scaring the crap out of
myself. Until tomorrow's "issue", ~mandy

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