My Confessions
2002-08-20 00:32:03 (UTC)

~~~GuYs . . .~~~

Dear Diary,

Okay well I just got back from Jay's house. We had so
much fun! I talked to him about pretending to be Collete
and he promised to help. Christian and Jay are pretty
good friends so I needed to get his opinion on what Sam
said about Christian being an asshole.
Jay said that after talking to Christian on line (that
one time when I asked him to see where we stood) he didn't
particularly like what Christian was saying. He thinks
that Christian is really attracted to me physically and is
really horny. He told me that Christian was telling Andrew
that he has already seen me naked (which is not true). So
I'm almost positive I am going to pretend to be Collete and
try to get him to think that I will suck his dick, just to
see how far he'll go.
I don't think Jay likes me, I think Sam and Alyssa are
wrong. When we hung out today, it didn't feel weird
between us at all, it was like normal. Jay and I have
lived next door to eachother all our lives, we have been
best friends forever. We talked about what went on in the
hot tub during truth or dare. (well, we didn't talk about
what went on between us, but we talked about alyssa making
out with Sam). So far, he is the only guy that will agree
with me, that it was stupid. He said that if his
girlfriend was making out with another girl, he would get
jealous. So YAAAAAY i'm not the only weirdo that thought it
was nasty.
Christian still hasn't called since I pushed him off
me. I don't know what to do. Is our relationship even
worth fixing? Yes, I am going to give him the benefit of
the doubt! Okay well Samantha and Alyssa and I are going
out to dinner now.