2001-07-14 17:37:30 (UTC)

Something new

Saturday, July 14, 2001

I always did like writing the date... hehe. I think if I
practice writing maybe it'll make me happier, just talking
about one thing that bugs me every day will make me an over-
all happier person, and maybe if someone's actually
bothering to read this it might help them too! Gosh,
writng does help people out...

Ok, what has bothered me today? I pick one thing, and then
I write about it.

The Pen

K, that was a really hard choice, I couldn't think of
anything that made me more angry today besides the pen.
It's blue, it's a 'paper mate' and it's boring looking.
Actually, when I truely think about, this pen makes me
furious. Yes, the reasons are a little.... odd, but I
think after a while everyone will agree.

One, it's an ugly shade of blue. Why bother making a cheap
pen that particular shade of blue? It looks sick, makes me
not want to write with it, is it cheaper if it's that
colour or something? It's not like it HAS to be blue, it
could be yellow or red. I think it should be a more
vibrant colour... not as dull and bo-ring. Tsk, tsk.

Two, it's uglier than sin. The lettering on the sides of
the pen are sickening to look at, the words say such lame
things! Maybe I should be a pen designer and make pens
myself, that way I wouldn't get so angry when looking at

Three, you can't hold it without your hands getting wierded
out by the geometric shapes of the freaking thing. The cap
looks like some kind like a long square-ish thingy that
gets stuck to the base of the 'pen'. I think that pens
should be smooth and flowing rather than blocking and not
flowing (I guess that's what you'd say..)

The fourth thing on my pet peeve list of the pen is, why
the heck to they call it 'Paper Mate'? It's not like their
having affairs with the paper or anything, not like I can't
be a paper mate too.

And finally, I think I'm going to write a letter to 'Paper Mate, INC'
and see what they have to say to the youth of the US, let's just see
what they think of that...

'Till next time!
Lizzie, the one with the sixteen people on her head