Finding my Light
2002-08-19 22:25:32 (UTC)

Cell Phone

Oh I can't believe how horrible this day has been! The
worst thing though was just only forthy minutes ago someone
stole my cell phone right out of my hand! I couldn't
believe it. I didn't think that someone could be that
ghetto, but then again I haven't been out much in my known
city since I was in Lake Havase so I guess I must of
forgotten how bad it really is here. And I've also
forgotten how corrupt people are here. I have to pay for a
new cell now, but I'm okay with it. I should have kept it
in the car instead of taking it into the party.
The party wasn't even that good. Well actually it was
funny when some of the guys there would hit on me then see
the ring I had around my neck. They would ask if a guy
gave me the ring and when I said yes they would get upset
and say "He must be a really good guy." LOL They say that
because around my city all the guys know that I am VERY
picky. I hope life is treating Nick well. I can't wait
til the middle of September so I can see him. I miss him s-
o much. I miss being held and kissed by him. Whenever he
is around I know I'm safe and protected. I don't fear the
people around me. Does he miss me at all? I want him to,
but then I don't.