Jess's Journal
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2002-08-19 22:14:53 (UTC)


okay everyone..u were right..i can't fail..no really..i'm
officially a CNA now. i'm so happy..i was so scared of
failing..and I PASSED!!! yipee!! for those of u who knew it
all along, thanks for having faith in me.. appreciate it..
but something interesting happened last night..my last
night there...there was a fire..someone overheated a towel
in the microwave..a floor above mine..we had to rush and
close the residents doors..talk about getting a heart
attack..u could really smell the smoke...

k new subject: boys

boys boys boys..can't live with em..can't live without em..

can live with: jimmy, matt, sean, ian, david, dave, ryan,
nicholas (u know it babe) and peck (uz so special)

can't live with: BRADY BRADY BRADY....hmm...Paul, Jordan,
and some others

Brady just drives me nuts..what a prick..u know..i thought
i could forgive him..u'd think i would..cuz i can't hold a
grudge..yeah right..i think i found the exeption..what a
dumba$$..gosh..he drives me nuts..good thing i blocked
him..otherwise i couldn't live with the boy..i can't
anyways so screw him. i know way better guys than that.