My Life
2001-07-14 17:02:42 (UTC)


Okay..so...my last entry said all this crap about my dumb
boyfriend. This guy responded back to me and it really
opened my eyes. I am a pretty girl and my boyfriend knows
that too. It seems as if he always tries to keep me on some
kind of a leash. My eyes wander a lot. I can see myself
with other guys. I dream of being with this wonderful
prince charming type that always cares about me and I am
always on his mind and our feelings for each other are so
strong that when we're apart, we yearn to be together.
Sounds stupid, I know. Everyone dreams of having a prince
charming, I guess. I'm 16 years old and I have been in
this relationship for 2 yrs. since I was 14. It seems as
if some of my innocence is lost. Maybe so, but that's my
fault. ANYWAY! I have just got my first job! Yippee!
It's at Wal-Mart, nothing that exciting, but I am excited.
I am a cashier. I love to talk to people and laugh with
people so I think that will be a good job for me. But, the
manager warned me about people getting a little mad and
taking it out on me. I'm like..who cares? People get mad
all the time, they just look stupid if they're yelling at
someone. Anyway..I have to get ready to go see my
boyfriend...so..I'll write later! Bye bye!