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2001-07-14 16:59:26 (UTC)

Park 7-13-01

Clayton makes me so horny. Just thinking about him is
getting me going right now.

Well, last night I had so much fun. I should say we had so
much fun. I met Clayton in Brown Deer at 9:15. We then went
to Oakland Gyros and he had some food but I wasn't to
hungery so I had lemonade. yumm Well after that Clayton
wanted some gum or mints so we were going to go to the drug
store but it was closed so we went to the gas station. OK
BORING! LOL So we went driving for a little bit and we were
going to go where we went last time on the park bench but
there were to many people up there so we went to this other
park. Clayton had a blanket, so we laid down on that.
Everything was great we were snuggling together and then
that snuggling lead to a little more. It was so funny I was
laying on my back and he was like you have such a nice butt
and he starts to play with it and all this stuff he was so
cute. Then one thing lead to another and he was rubbing my
clit and fingering me ahhhh that felt so good. Then we were
sniggleing again and he was calling me a whimp and I said I
know i'm a whimp lol. Then he crawls on top of me and we
start dry humpping OMG he had such a major boner and he was
rubbing that in to my croch ahh it felt so good so then I
was grabbing his butt when he was on top of me then he
rolled off and the I YEAH ME I put my hand down his pants.
See I'm not such a whimp. Then we were snuggling again and
he goes back down on me and I start moning again. Then I
crawl on top of him I tell him I love him and he says the
same back and we start grinding again. Then I say to him "I
want you" hes like in what way I say all ways possible. he
he good one. So we were talking and I think we are gonna
have sex sometime AHHH !!!!!! yeah =) I am going to go to
Madison hopfully next week. =) I'll tell you all about it.
Love ya,

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