a little taste of me
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2001-07-14 16:23:37 (UTC)

this week so far

well so far this week my best friend came over and visited me. i missed her so much. well i got in a fight with one of my online frineds because she said my boyfriend didnt want me(charlie) and told him i didnt want him either. i think she wants him. but she claims she doesnt and i told her she is a complete liar. my boyfriend is pissed at her and her brother because of the fact it was her brothers idea. why would she do that. i thought she was my friend. but i guess not. im still in love jesse and nothing is going to change the way i feel about him even though im with charlie. it hurts to feel like this and i ask myself why i do this to myself. my uncle by marriage just lost his cousin this week. he had a massive heart attack. he also was my brothers football coach. he has two young kids. one 16 and one 15. its sad to see him go. he made my brother who he is today. one of the best defensive players in football in southern marylands solomon steelers team. i will really miss him. he was a really nice guy. i have known him for a long time. he held the best cook outs. most of all i feel sorry for mari and josh and liz his family. his kids must be devistated. i know i would if that happen to my dad. since im so close to him. i would fucking die if my dad died. i would kill myself. thats how close i am with him. but we will all miss u kenny. u were a great guy! well i got to go.