The SINS that I commit..
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2002-08-19 21:11:10 (UTC)

You think you know a Friend...

Why do people insist on treating me like an idiot or
something? I have a boss who was a good friend up until
recently. We worked together with what i thought was 'our'
business. This person told everyone this was 'our' business
and that we were in it together yadda yadda yadda. But when
we're alone all this person does is treat me like crap.
This is THEIR business MY boss.. well if it's that way then
why the heck don't you act like a boss?! In england this
person says that you have to PAY the company a share of
your earnings to use their space. EVEN though okay this was
their personal home and I didn't get paid 1 cent from this
person. It was like working for tips and you had to give
your boss a percentage of the money. I think this is really
crappy. I use to be the receptionist and I wanted this
person to pay me weekly hourly. No, I got maybe 20 pounds a
day.. okay not too shabby, but now that this person's best
friend works as their receptionist she's getting paid 200
pounds a week for just answering phones, and I'm suppose to
help pay for that too! How fucking fucked up is that?! Talk
about unfair. So I have to pay not only 10-15 pounds out of
every job I do, but they decided to just make it 25 pounds
a day to help pay for Ads,and the receptionist. MEANWHILE I
don't even get to work everyday! When this person feels
like it they will close down the business or just leave to
do whatever. When I am alone they accuse me of stealing
money or not paying properly, and this is bullshit. I've
bent over backwards for my friend and all she did was treat
me like crap. She told people I was screwing around and
even though she's the one doing so, and that I threatened
her! Whatever! This pissed me off so much when I heard
this, from who? HER HUSBAND! Yeah.. if only her husband
knew what she was up to. Truth is this person is nothing
but a chronic lying ho. And if they read this good, I've
been wanting to tell this person it forever. Tired of
bending over backwards to please them and acting like
nothing. I thought this person was a good friend, but no.
Now I am not working because this person made up an excuse
that some company is looking into 'our' business because
there were 'complaints'. NO THERE WASN'T I know not one
client of mine had a complaint, so this person said the
business is closed until futher notice. WELL I recently
found out they are still working. THis person is trying to
save up as much money as possible because they have been
away from their husband for not even a few months and wants
to fly to korea and see him. WELL all the time this person
knew I didn't have but 12$ in the bank to last for 14 days
and this person wouldn't let me work! Saving money for
herself. ALSO this person has known i've been trying to
save money to go home for the past year, and even so.. Now
i can't go because I have no money! What a fucked up thing
to do. I can't believe this. I never had a friend betray me
so bad. Spread rumors about friends and lie constantly to
others and their own husband. Only reason why i put up with
the crap for so long is because the money was great.. but
fuck that.. it isn't worth my dignity. And if you are
reading this you know who you are.. YOU WILL GET WHAT'S
COMMING TO YA.. you wonder why you don't have any female
friends because you betray them all! Maybe you should try
apologizing to them and comming clean. OH and so you know..
don't even think about trying to 'hurt' me by telling MY
husband bullshit because he knows the truth about
everything, even YOU and you have already confirmed what I
said about "Only Opertunities" to be true and it is. So if
you were to say something different, we know it is all a
lie. Maybe you should tell your husband before he finds