My Confessions
2002-08-19 21:07:24 (UTC)

Will HE Cheat?!!!

Dear Diary,

So right after I fell asleep last night Collete comes
home and wakes me up! Thank God Tiffany wasn't with her
tho. So I ended up talking to Cole for about an hour. I'm
not pissed at her any more, but I certainly haven't
forgiven her enough to trust her around the guys I like
again. She promised that she would never again pretend she
was me, unless I give her permission, and she said that I
can pretend I am her when ever I want, and I'm like, why
the hell would I want to pretend I was her? But then I had
a really good idea!
So, I was contemplating pretending to be Collete, and
trying to get with Christian, to see if he goes for her,
knowing she is Cole. I am a little nervous tho about this
plan, b/c even tho he doesn't know me well enough to tell
us apart if we run into Alyssa, Sam, Desi or Jay, they will
all be able to tell, and that could be bad. Then I was
also thinking about how in Cosmo they always say, "never
test your man by sending a beautiful friend over to him to
flirt with him" cuz he might end up getting it on with her
and all at your stupid test. But in this particular case,
it would still be ME getting with him, I would just
determine for myself if he is as Sam says an asshole. I
think I will talk to Jay about it, I'm gonna go over to his
house right now.


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