Mr. Journal
2001-07-14 16:18:48 (UTC)

It's been awhile

Well, my life is good or should I say OK. I am at my
mothers work right now it is soooo boring here. All that I
can do is get on the computer. That gets old. Katie left to
see Lainna in Michigan this morning. I am going to miss
her. Not only that but Amelia call from Kentucky and said
she is going to San Fransisco so she won't be home until
the 29th. AND on top of that Chelsea is going to some
leadership camp called BASIC and she is going to be gone.
Megan and I are going to get really close these next two
weeks thats for sure. I still have the biggest crush on Dan
and now on L.C. But I can't do anything about that because
Katie likes them both. But I wil get over it. OHH my mom's
Credit Union got robbed yesterday isn't that funny. Well
it's scary to think that it could happen here. But they
didn't get away with alot of money. They only robbed one
teller. That's all of the news I have for today.