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2001-07-14 16:01:54 (UTC)

it's better today...or is it?

11:36 am
I guess I'll write while I am at work..nothing better to do
except my job of course. But who wants to do that?
Anyhow, I deserve to sit here and make them pay me. I take
more shit on behalf of this company, it's payback time. I
do feel better today than I did last night. I think I was
just pissed because my fiance was going out with friends
and I was stuck at home. I was supposed to work at 930
am, didn't make it here until 10, had to get coffee at dd.
oops! I have no idea what time he got home last night. He
was probably drunk, I'm surprised he didn't trash the
kitchen. Doesn't even look like he cooked anything. Less
mess for me to clean up.
I found out a few days ago that my fiance's ex is now
dating one of his other friends and since he is invited to
our wedding, she will probably tag along. I can't stand
her! I had said she could come to the ceremony, only
because they have a kid together and he is the ring bearer
but I refused to let her come to the reception. She would
only stick her fat ass in everyone's business and try to
steal my thunder. I wish she would disappear. Now, if I
say something, everyone will say that I am being immature
and making a big deal out of nothing. Even though everyone
likes me better than her, it's still weird.
I really don't want to be at work today...this sucks!

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