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2002-08-19 19:18:09 (UTC)

Spinning Images

i'm at work. i haven't been to work in three weeks...i was
on hiatus because i work for my mother but chelsea needed
money for her car insurance so i let her work for the last
three weeks before she left for school. however, now i'm
back and i wish i was at home watching cartoons with
tucker. (he's my older sister's chihuahua). speaking of
tiffany, i think she might be coming home this weekend.
she's a us marine and she just got commissioned last may.
she's going through her last six months of training before
she gets stationed in japan or something. she just went
into the gas chamber last week...she was telling me all
about it. she didn't throw up, though. i was so proud.

brett's coming in at 3:45 to get his arms lasered. my mom's
doing it for free because she's nice and it's way too
expensive for him too afford. he called my house at 3 AM
when he got home from the city, and he told me that eric
and allie were pushing him to hit on some chick because
they thought that brett and i had an "open relationship". i
find this odd because i can't imagine where they'd get that
impression from. they just assumed. maybe because we don't
spend every waking minute together and because we sometimes
take seperate cars when we go to hang out with everyone.
but if we had an open relationship, i wouldn't be at their
band practices twice a week taking pictures, and i wouldn't
have videotaped their first show, and i wouldn't bring them
chips and munchies all the time and i wouldn't do all
those "girlfriend" things that i do. so my guess is that
eric and allie are just a couple of idiots who think any
relationship that isn't theirs must be dysfunctional.

so maybe my relationship isn't perfect. so maybe we rarely
spend time by ourselves and when we do one of us usually
falls asleep. but our relationship is honest, healthy, and
free of things like jealousy, insecurity and distrust.
meanwhile, if any guy so much as smiles at allie, eric
feels immediately threatened and feels the need to kick his
ass. that's what i call dysfunctional. girlfriends are not

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