And now for something completely dumb
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2002-08-19 19:16:10 (UTC)


In a few more days it will have been 5 years. I can still
remember how the attic smelled. I also remember thinking,
damn...this place is dirty...someone should clean it. I
can't believe I was stupid enough to try it though. All I
could think was how this would make everything better for
my parents. I was also thinking, "Well, at least now I
don't have to worry about dissappointing them anymore." I
guess I was just tired of all the shit. I just wanted all
the pain to stop and go away. I gave the appearance of
being happy. A smile can hide so much pain. I've heard
people talk about how much they've changed. And it seems
like it took a long time for that to happen. For me, it
took less than one day. I'll never forget August 23, 1997.

Things aren't exactly perfect, but they're bound to get
better eventually. One word...girls. Actually, just one.
I really like her and I want to be with her, but I can't.
Sucks huh? Well...that's the story of my life when it
comes to girls. Haha.

Beta Bash is coming up, I'm pretty excited about that.
School starts on Thursday and I'm looking forward to it. I
know that sounds weird, but I want to see people I haven't
seen since school got out. I don't have anything else to
write, so I'm done.

"Its only in losing everything that we are free to do
anything." --Brad Pitt as Tyler Durdan in Fight Club