*a*v*e* tHe uNbLoNdE bEaUtY

tHe iNvIsIbLe gUrL
2002-08-19 19:03:49 (UTC)

my best friend is an alien

its true and terrible
no hes not a regular, green slimey alien
but i swear, to be as completely dumb as he is he has to be
sometimes, like the last week or so, i have wanted to just
punch him. i can't do anything right, he lies to me, and i
am pretty well sick of it.
when you are 16 years old there are certain things you dont
do. its in the code of morals that i have published in my
head, and they are more or less common sense--you just dont
do them if you want to make it in life.
hes done them all.
what am i supposed to do? tell on him? so he'll hate me
for the rest of my life? no, i dont think so. he already
made it clear that if i told on him we wouldnt be friends
anymore. simple as that.
i know what youre thinking. what kind of friend is he?
well, no matter what he does to me, no matter how much he
makes me want to cry and scream and smash things, he's my
best friend, and i love him. even if the feeling is not
i have no real intention of telling on him, even though if
what he's doing gets him killed, i will kill myself in
guilt. i think that i will just kill myself in any case.
i have a feeling he'd be much happier without me breathing
down his neck about every stupid thing he does. i just
want him to be happy. i just wish he knew that if he does
stupid things like that, he will not be happy. he'll be a
crack addict at 21, and i'll have to come home for his
funeral after an od. life sucks.

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