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life of a porn star
2001-07-14 14:58:38 (UTC)

un fiesta al casa de jessica

well lately ive just been going to school, coming home, and
sitting on my ass in front of the computer. -so ive been
very very bored. no one has been around to hang out with
and maggie has been at camp. but ne ways last night was
jessica knorel's birthday party. i dont know her very well
but she is a really sweet person and i was suprised that
she had invited me. so i went and i hung out with molly,
joslyn, jared, sadie, fay, and kristin. we just stood in
her drive way and played go fish, braided hair, and i went
for a walk with joslyn and jared. then joslyn drove me home
at 12. rhen i went home and went to sleep. i guess it was
fun considering its the only time ive left the house since
school ended. lol