My Journal
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2001-07-14 14:27:54 (UTC)

Serenading my Nights

I'm tuning in to the sweet sultry sounds of Sheila On 7,
my favourite band. I can feel coldsweat and ripples in my
nerves whenever i listen to the singer's voice. His voice
is so sexy.. SO SEXY! I wish I have the chance to meet them
in person. I just fall in love with them at first sound!
Simple but deep. Deep but simple. The only song that ever
effected me like this was Turn My Head by Live. Now, I have
a whole two albums making my ming reel with deep emotions
that is so straightforwardly literated in the lyrics. I
feel the pain, the happiness, the calm resent, the strong
will of the lives of these boys. Their songs express the
normal everyday feelings we feel in a very straightforward
and alarmingly accurate way! I could talk for hours about
how wonderfully effective their songs are. They themselves
are the picture of pure true friendship among teenagers.
They laugh together, have fun together, cry together, share
moments and express them through numerous songs.