Blind My Eyes
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2002-08-19 18:32:21 (UTC)


well today has been good... i had an interview at
Mountaineer Race Track... I didn't realize how big that
place had actually gotten... i think they even have a river
boat that people can gamble on.... it's crazy. the
interview went Very well, so i'm hoping to get the job.
michael has Finally left me alone!!! i was kinda out of it
last time i talked to him and told him exactly how i felt
about our entire relationship and told him he was a jerk
for writing stuff about me on the GZW website.... he put up
an apology on it and sent me an e-mail "wishing me well"
hopefully he leaves me alone this time....
me and jake are still talking and stuff... hannah is
convinced he likes me, and yeah we flirt and stuff, but i'm
not going to get my hopes up yet.... i think his last
girlfriend was about 100Xs prettier than me, even though
she was a complete airhead.... i don't know. he just... i
don't know... has the same views and stuff as me... and i'm
not lookin for nothing long term and neither is he, but
he's having problems at home.... no i'm not waiting for him
forever... screw that. but i'll wait around for a while. if
nothing happens i'll move on... even though i would Love if
he did give me a chance. lol well, i'm out.... mom's makin
dinner and i have yet to eat today... later!!

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