Cute Chaos

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2002-08-19 18:25:52 (UTC)


I woke up late again, like always, and got a really big
lecture from my dad. "School is in two weeks little lady
and you still can't get up before 9 am! You are up all
night and then sleep all day. I am not going to be
responsible to get you into school on time!" It is crazy. I
am a big girl... I am sure that I will be able to get off
the school on time. I need to find a ride to school I hate
taking the bus. Maybe I will be able to go with Shari and
Korrie. Who knows. I want to start a petition that switches
the time that the elementary school and high school starts.
I think it is crazy that we have to drag ourselves out of
bed by 5 am to catch the bus 6:30 and sit at school for a
half hour until school starts at 7:25! The little kids are
already up and annoying their parents. Why not put them in
school that early, because by the time that 2:25 pm rolls
around the kids are ready for a nap. Also, then I can sleep
into about 7 am. That would be really nice!

I was talking with Wally on the net today and I told him
that I liked him. I think I have been hiding it or denying
it from myself too. Although that kind of worries me
because he is almost 20 years old! That is so illegal and I
don't need another crazy mess like that. I don't know what
to do. I am going crazy with this whole mess with boys. It
really stinks.

After I got around I went over to Rusty's. He is the one
who wants me to come over and then all we do is sit around
and play video games. I mean a little bit is fun, but every
time I come over that is all we do. Then he got a phone
call from Amanda and I left. I am not going to hang out
with Tom again while he talks on the phone. Tom told him I
was leaving and I guess it really did not matter to him
because he just kept talking on the phone. Whatever... if
those are his priorities I am not going to try and change

I sat around the house the rest of the night. I talked with
my dad a little bit about Rusty and boys, about Korrie and
everything. He was drinking again. I don't think it really
matters to him. I just wish he would stop drinking. I think
he is doing it to try and hide from the world and his
problems. He never gets out of the house other than work
and to Amy's, he does not have many friends outside of
work. I think it is crazy. Yeah ok, he does have three kids
to look after but who looks after us when he is at work. No
one! He can get out more, we know how to look after

I have no idea what to do anymore! With anything!


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