2001-01-14 02:32:31 (UTC)

Ya know, someday we ll all be..

Ya know, someday we'll all be known by our sign on
names. Are looks, attitudes and personalities will all be
judged by how we come across on screen. That's cool with
me, I mean if they can doctor up 12 year old heads on 20
year old bodies, they can definately help me out. Sure
we'll all be touching ourselves but the fantasy of who
we're talking to is already better then life. Speaking of
looks, I believe pot should be legal. I'm not asking for
an all out revolt against the police who by their very jobs
are forced to uphold the law. You can't blame cops,
although you can't buy the stuff they confiscate but that's
no reason to get excited.
My idea revolves around quiet protest. This spring,
if every pot smoker gathers his or her seeds and begins
planting them on other peoples property, I think the
solution will arrive. Plant in city parks, your neighbors
garden, in front of city hall, the police station, old
folks homes you get the idea. The thing is those who plant
must never, ever return to that place again, ever. Feel
free to visit other sites, but don't return to your own.
If pot grew wildly all over the place 2 things could
happen. One is they'll have to increase the police force
to aid in the drug battle, thus increasing employment and
making our world safer, or two, imported pot prices will
plummet so there will be less expensive weed for everyone.
I don't know if it'll work, but it's certainly worth a try.
My dog, the second one, or the thrid of three but the
second one alive is great. She's about six months old and
does the coolest stuff. She still poops in the house now
and then but she also chases my lite cig. butts and pounces
on them. Like Lassie putting out the fire to save little
Timmy. I am currently raising a star, a hero, a force to
be reckoned with. They say a dog takes on alot of its
owners charactoristics. The freaky thing is she used to
watch me step on the lite butts, and she mimmics me. I
also got drunk the other night and shit all over the living
room. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
I wish Magic Johnson would die, so people would take
this whole AIDS thing a little bit more seriously. All you
hear in the news is safe sex, protect yourself, wear a
condom, don't shoot up with dirty needles you may get AIDS.
Then you look at Magic and he's never looked better. He
really needs to die, it would help so many people. If he
kicked we would realize that AIDS is very serious and give
more money to research thus creating new jobs. They would
find a cure that would cost alot of money thus making the
pharma. companies even richer, but it would also put more
people to work selling, producing and distributing the new
drug, thus making more people wealthy so they can feel good
about themselves. Those people would inturn sabotage their
good fortune by taking mood altering drug and sleeping with
AIDS infected people, thus getting the disease themselves
and giving back to the process that began the whole econmic
waterfall. But first Magic Johnson must die...