Cute Chaos

2002-08-19 17:34:28 (UTC)


Today, I woke-up late again. Nick called and woke me up. I
really don't know why he calls so much. I have not seen him
in over three years and he continues to call almost

I was about to go crazy thinking this morning. I was
thinking about to many things. So I decided to go running
to get it all off of my mind. When I was stretching out I
saw Wally come home. I read his diary and it claimed that
he was just going to ignore me. That really hurts me
because he is practically my best-friend. I am with him
every day. We always have so much fun together. I know that
I said that I was going to ignore him too, but I really
miss him. He is at work a lot now because he needs to pay
for his car and is not really home much. Although I don't
go over there when he is home. I just... GRRRR! I ran half
way into WF and strained me ankle because I was not really
paying attention to where I was runing. It really sucked,
so I jogged back home. I passed by my g-ma's office. I
thought about going in to talk with her but I would have
been really impolite the way I was dressed. Although. I did
stop over at my g-parents house. Chris and Eathen were
cleaning out the fishing cooler. They caught six really
nice sized fish. I did not really talk with my g-pa much,
he was filleting fish. I ate a cookie (or 5) and walked

Tom came over five minutes after I got home. Rusty wanted
me to come over. I was horsing around and had Tom tell
Rusty I needed to shower but he was more than welcome to
join me. Rusty came over, it was funny. He played around on
the weight set, trying to show off I guess. I just went
inside. There was a really good movie that I watched for
about 45 minutes then went to shower cause I could not
stand the grimy feeling anymore.

Tom came over again for Rusty. I answered the door in my
black strapless bra. Tom made a comment about how Rusty
would like me better if I come over like that! He is such a
little pervert, but I guess I should put on a shirt next

We played Mario gold until eight o’clock. I had to get out
of that house... So we came back to mine. The boys were
fighting when I came in. I don't get in between heir fights
because I am not going to get hurt. Rusty broke it up for
me. Benji was two steps away from pushing Chris down the
stairs. I made Chris and Eathen go outside. They went over
to my g-parents house. I think they are going fishing again
tomorrow. We played a little bit of Perfect Dark. I got my
bum kicked and did my own bum kicking. We went outside,
walked around the black a few times and down to the lake. I
saw seven shooting stars. We talked about hunting mostly. I
have heard the stories like three times now. It was like
midnight and he said he needed to get home before his Nana
had a heart attack dealing with Tom.

Talked with Jessi a little bit on the net, but mostly I was
talking with Wally. He was pissing me off. I knew that he
was ignoring me, but I acted like I had not read is diary
in a while, or that it was private, or something! I wanted
to go for a walk or do something. I was bouncing off of the
walls. It took me a while but I got Wally to come with me.
he made up almost every excuse in the book not to go. I am
freaking crazy though, I guess, going for a walk at one am.
I stepped in something dead. It was grass. I was being
really loud too. Mostly because I am afraid of the dark,
still! Wally did not say much, except that is something
were to come out of the ditch and attack us he would run
away and leave me. That was comforting to know. Good thing
nothing happened.