Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-08-19 17:34:02 (UTC)

one more thing....

one more additional blurb here, i tried writing in my paper
journal and the act of cursively writing out my thoughts
hurt my hand, and it was painfully slow....i type faster
than i write now....

i don't think that i got much sleep last night....(for i am
tired and a bit sluggish right now)....stayed up last night
after work watching the iron chef....the coolest thing to
hit television in a long time...

yesterday was a first for me, also.....i signed up as an
assistant to our church's pre-k sunday school
wife is actually the instructor in this one....but it was
sweet seeing some of the little ones crying after their
parents when they dropped them off.....such memories of
being dropped off for the first time without your parent's
trusting and guiding hand being there.... afterwards we
went to mass, and I had quite a spiritual moment there....