the ups and downs of my life
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2002-08-19 17:12:10 (UTC)

last week on vaca

last week i went on vacation to the lake. it wass fun.
on saturday we went there and it took us two car loads to
get up there.

sun the next day we came down to pick up my friend tracy cause
she was gonna spend the night and we also picked up a few
things we forgot. she couldnt swim though cause of her
period but i told her to anyway but she wouldnt. my
cousins also came up and we went swimming while she read.

mon the next day me and tracy and my brother went on a bike
ride we thought we could get althe way around the lake but
we didnt and so we had to turn back cause we were lost.
we were bike ridng for and hour and a half and i drank
like 2 and a half glasses of water when i got home cause i
was so thirsty. she went home with her olsen back pack

on tuesday ash came and spent the night. she got there about 5 o
clock cause we had to pick her up. we swam out to the trampoline
and we told ash there were mereppl out ther it wasfunny. we stayed
up kinda late and did crunches. we took walks in out bathing suit
tops adn pants lol

weds the next day kaylee made us play barbie cards with her it was
funny. we had to give cards to ppl and then take them back i think
she was making it up as we went along. we got clay from the lake
from or lake neighbors and put it on our face to take away the
wrinkles. we also made turtles out of them. it was fun. the turtles
didnt make it though. we tok her to bilos to meet her mom and then
we went to casis house and ended up picking up her. we rented to
movies A walk to remember and the glass house. the glass house was
good but it was a diff kind of scary then i thought.

thurs the next day we went on some walks in out bathing suits and
saw a cat and bunny rabbits. and got apples and mala would go and
catch them in the water. she also caught to fish in the water to and
caught to fuish that were just swimming. it was cool. there was a
frog too. when we went tot take her home about 8 we went to a bar
to eat and we got chicken fingers.

the next day i just hung with my bro and sis and wae got stuff
together my dad took a car load down that night. then he brang up
the truck and took a truck load down since we needed the truck to
take the stuff like the bikes and grill. then he came back and we
didd a car load and we went home. we swam one more time that day.

th e lakwe was very fun