My Heart and Soul....
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2002-08-19 16:44:26 (UTC)

Catching up....

I haven't written in a few days. I suppose I'll attribute
that to the fact the every night one friend or another is
keeping me up until all hours of the night. The past week
it's been around 2 or 3 in the morning before people even
think about going home. BUT, I'm not going to complain TOO
much, cause I love these guys, and I'm gonna miss them like
mad when we all go to school...:-(

Life is...confusing at best. Guys never cease to confuse me
beyond oblivion. There are the ones who you want to talk to,
but they don't even give you the time of day. Heck, some of
them find it challenging to carry on a conversation with you
more than once every 6 months. Then there are the ones who
have to talk to you every chance they get, even though you
REALLY don't want to talk to them! BLAH!! And then there
are some, who I don't even know what I feel about them. It's
so damn confusing!!!!!

I can't wait for school to start. I'm really hoping I can
make some great friends. I'm feeling a bit of a hole in my
life, from all my gurls who aren't around anymore. It's
rough. You share your whole life with these people, and then
when it comes to one of the biggest years in your young
life, what do you have to show for it. A couple of IM's a
efw times a week, a phone call when they get around to it,
and some mass e-mails catching up with a whole group of
people, cause they are too busy to actually sit and write
you a letter....IT SUCKS!

I am not going to get all depressed though. It's not a HUGE
deal. I've had a great summer with all my awesome
friends!!!!!!!! And I am going to have a great year in NY,
and hopefully decide where I am going to spend the next 4
years of my life......:-)

I will try to write again soon! Hopefully i won't be up
until 4 am all week again! LOL

Big Kiss,


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