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2002-08-19 15:54:07 (UTC)

I am back with New News About Everything @ 10:38 AM CDT

What Have I Been Up To Since The Last Time I Posted Over Here
Current Mood: Tired and Exhausted

First of all, forgive me for not writing over here much more. Heavens, I have so many online diaries and I can not retain the various passwords. I had t retrieve this one from going to support.

Robert aka NaughtyHoney-Bear and I are still going strong. We recently celebrated our B-I-G tenth month anniversary. Hurray! We have had a relativity
peaceful LTR. We are able to commnicate with each other and we love each other. I gave Robert an AT&T cell phone for his birthday. It is an early birthday present. His birthday is November 17.

Our new picture can be viewed over at my xanga site and my new picture can be viewed over at

My email is [email protected]. Friendly email
is always welcome.

Let's see for the other news:
I had my daughter, Rebecca here from June 19-July3.
Ooowee, is she spoiled and have been spoiled by her adoptive creators that created a monster that could not fulfill the image they had of a daughter they wanted.
I was glad to get rid of the selfish, ingrateful young woman they created.

Roy and I are still in communications. I am the first one he calls when he comes back from his
Mercenary journeys.

I am trying to get ready to go back to work at least part time.

Frank is doing ok.

I started a yahoo group over at

It is primary for xanga users who were hasassed
by a stupid asshole troll name "Ihatefatuglyhos"
we had him pumped off xanga for violation of terms
of agreement.

If anyone over here would like to join, you are welcome. Please go to my xanga site which is and read the rules
to the group.

Then go to and once you subscribe they will notify me
that you have joined and asked me to approve you.
go to ok.

Well take care now.

Love, AmericanIrishRose

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