The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-08-19 14:15:34 (UTC)

When so many love you, is it the same?

OK. This is it. The last day in PA.

I'm at the Warhol now, finishing up some last-minutey
intern work. After work, I'm going to go out with Tom for a
bite to eat, head over to Homestead to see Ed and the boys
one last time and pick up my easel and guitar which are in
storage there, then...

Well, then it's seven hours through Ohio back to you-know-

I'll probably stop for a bite to eat midway, at a Denny's
or something. I only have about twenty dollars for gas and
food to hold me over, so it'll have to be on the cheap
whatever it is. I was thinking of dropping in on Manda in
Columbus, but I sent her an email a week ago saying I'd be
passing through, and she didn't respond, so I won't push my

I will arrive in Louisville in the wee hours, fetch the key
to Jackie and I's apartment from home, then head over
there, and probably sleep all day Tuesday.

Then: register for classes, movethe remainder of my things
into my glorious new home, and slowly let any Louisville
residents who care that yes indeed, Andy is back in your

Yikes. Oh, wow.

This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing, you
understand. I will miss Pittsburgh, but I miss Louisville.
It's been a sad business here lately, what with all the
goodbyes. Sarah C. threw a goodbye party for Tom and I (and
herself) on Saturday, and it was good to see all those
people off. I'm really going to miss Tom and Sarah. Neal
was there too, as well as Marjorie and Andre, two other
Warhol pals. Andre said he'd send a zine he was working on,
Neal and I agrred to keep in touch re: the tattoo book
project, and Sarah -- wonder of wonders! -- said she'd
visit me in Louisville in January after she returns from
England. Wow!

Sara and Ed also had a party that same night earlier, with
Philip and Lipika and Rob and Lila, which was fun. Parties
with adults are laways worthwhile. It was so nice to have
Ed and Sara so close by this summer. It makes me wish I had
extended family back home.

And Jessy, of course. I won't go into details about how I
helped her and her new Philly roommate Cara pack, because,
well, it was really boring. But regardless, Jessy and I parted ways
this morning, somewhat tearfully. Not dramatic, not oppressive. Just
sad. We'll be in touch; we'll be friends. Maybe more at a later date,
I just don't know right now. I'm sad, but the odd thing is I'm not
feeling hurt in any way. I feel like things will be fine. She's a
wonderful girl who will do very well for herself. I enjoyed being
with her a lot, and I know she's going to be around in the future. I
guess it's starting to sink in now, though, that I won't have her to
hold on to every night. Gulp.

But anyway.

This brings me to the present. There is night drive ahread
of me very shortly. Seven dark, fast, silent hours through
the night. While the city slumbers, I slip back in.

Such a melodramatic angle. What fun.

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