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2002-08-19 14:09:39 (UTC)

i dont get how guys act (send feedback)

omg im sooo very lost now!

god damnit ryan really confused me tonight

well as my loyal readers know he dumped me after only
meeting me online
and our first "date" was tonight!

well we still planned to meet each other
and the ass was (afraid to come over and talk to me
hahahaha...) he finally came over and
talked to me at the beginning of the second movie which
was signs! that movie was
gay as hell by the way!!!

and he came over and layed with me *not even asking where
nikki was*
on the blanket i asked him if he thought i was ugly and he
said "HELLLL NO!" lol i had to laugh!
anyways we laughed we played we carried on and can you
believe this he is shy as hell!

oh and get this shit!!! lol hahaha he said "are you mad at
me for dumping you" and i said no
b/c i didnt really know you, he said thats cool would you
go out with me now? and i said
maybe and walked away im sure he goes 4 girls just on

oh so now i guess u wanna know what i was wearing *hardly
anything* a strapless short dress and
i caught him ............deleted..............
on another sub. these guys that were with smitty kept
tellin me to come over to them...i hessitated
but finally did! the one was really hott and asked 4 my
s/n and # so i gave it to him hehehe *hopeing he calls*

oh and smitty didnt say a word to me *he must still be in
shock from me telling him i liked him*

ok ill keep you updated! oh and BLUE CRUSH WAS AN AWSOME

Mood: hyper (sex kitten on satin sheets)
Earlier Mood: chillin watchin a movie on the big screen!

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