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2001-07-14 08:25:45 (UTC)

boyfriend probs

hey! thank you who have sent anything to me regarding my
diary!! it really helps me! but ok anyways...back to my
life! ok so i dont know if i like mu guy anymore and i just
found out hes made out with people before (not to mention
im his first girlfriend and before that we were like best
friends...we told each other a lot and i just figured id
know)OH and to make things worse my best girl told me how
ever since we started going out hes changed for the better.
like things have been good cause of me! oh and god my ex!
DAMN I CANT STOP ThINKING ABOUT HIM. just god the last day
of school he looked at me that way! like what he did when i
fell for him the third time and the way he did that one day
in science and OH GOD! he was wearing ALL black! damn he
looked hot! and omg i should NOT be saying this!

im not in the shape to deal with this right now. maybe ill
get over it cause i wont really see him for a
least till school starts and if i can keep my mind off him
and making out and goD!this is screwed!