Life as I know it.
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2001-07-14 08:23:28 (UTC)

kettle corn and skittles

Today was alright, I actually freaking cleaned my apartment
its looking good for once, and i hung up my falling
tapestery cause that was truley making my living room look

I also had a nice long talk with Pearlann today...why is it
all my female friends are putting themselves thru hell
right now for men? Men say women are complicated, no we
are so easy to figure out cause we say whats on our minds
and dont hide anything, for the most part anyway when
feelings are involved. Such is life.

Also chilled with Heather and Jaqi tonight, did the usual
smoke pot/watch a movie thing...and talked a lot. We
always just talk cause we have mad stories for eachother.

And freaking Chuck did not call me, so how are we supposed
to plan the surprise party for Monday when tomorow is
already saturday......it probably wont happen but oh how i
will try!!!

Other than that, didnt do much of anything today, just
lived and had fun. Im sure tomorrow night's entry is going
to be super great, trust me kids, it will be....

(for all ya english majors give me props for foreshadowing
cause heheheh you will see!)

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