Life of Joolz
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2001-07-14 07:41:49 (UTC)

Saturday 14th July 2001

What a week! Am sat here in nighty in total peace with
cuppa. Have had bad week stresswise and yesterday was very
depressed and could not stop filling up with tears. Was
actually PMT as period started early again (this
morning),and it wasn't due till next week, so that's why I
felt down all day yesterday. Could not speak to no bugger
and hated everyone. I also feel shite about myself coz my
hair needs cutting and I think I look terrible. Just the
way I'm feeling. My clothes are shite I look shite and feel
Had no idea what was up with me, but at least these days I
know depression DOES lift and there is light at the end of
the tunnel.
Getting barnet cut this afternoon, so will look better.

Weds. was a nightmare day, and the last two have been
stressful. In fact the whole of the last 17 days have been
Andy the painter/plasterer/jack of all trades has been
here everyday (except Monday)for last 17 days painting
house outside and doing the jobs we asked him, and I have
been busy in house too, as well as working. The mess has
been sort of cleared up, but the plastering chimney breast
thing is still ongoing but nearly finished. It's getting
finished either today or next Weds.
Things are taking their time because I won't have Andy in
this house unless we are here, therefore all jobs are
carried out between 3pm and whenever. Usually kick him out
before 7pm. My fault really I suppose. At least his work is
of high standard so worth waiting for and cost is
Since last week and all roofing/painting these are other
jobs what have been done:

1: The ceiling has been plastered where the archaic
lightfitting was in the lounge. That light fitting cost
£100.00 from Fenwicks 9 years ago but I HATE IT and glad
it's off.
2: Chimney breast plastering ongoing several days and still
3: In addition to archaic light fitting removed in lounge
archaic light fitting in hallway has been taken down too.
Hurray! New trendy 2 bar halogen spotlight fitted in
hallway. Holes filled on hallway ceiling.
4: Patio door cracks filled/undercoated/ waiting for gloss
5: Kitchen window completed (rest of house windows already
done except patio)
6: Bathroom floorcovering was fitted Weds. afternoon.
7: I started grouting bathroom tiles Weds at 4pm-8pm
8: Continued grouting Thursday 3.30-finished at 10.10pm.
Knackered me. Took an hour to clear mess up too. Didn't
realise it was so messy a job.
That day I nearly collapsed with exhaustion-was working
from 7.30 at my work-then at home till late.
9: Bath panel fitted by Andy Thursday. Needed sawing etc so
sawdust and shite all over upstairs.
10: Wood panel above garage door painted yesterday before I
got in from work!!!
11. Andy cleaned all windows in entire house last week.
Could actually see out for once-thought I had cataracts for
9 years. What a difference done professionally-should have
thought of that years ago. Am obviously incompetent window
12: I put new bog seat on yesterday and cleaned other one
up as Andy wants it! (Urggh)

Am down to 8stone 8lbs with all work. Had loadsa cakes for
birthday at work-cost £18 for all of us. Nice though. Went
out in works time to M S to get them. Bolox to going in own
Bought another trendy picture with birthday money/some
dried twisty planty things/slim pot vase-a really nice one
too to put twisty things in. Bought sealant/filler/and
other stuff everyday,so apart from getting up at 5am for
work and working at effing job, I've come home everyday to
more work and constant company of handyman and house all in
a mess. Ron's doing all shopping/cleaning up and getting in
a flap but he's calmed down now.

Halifax (If.com) rang and they've found my papers-they rang
late Weds evening. Incompetent bastards. Loan's approved
and will be here next week so can pay everyone. I gave them
a little bit of grief and said I wished I'd never bothered
applying via internet if I'd have known I was gonna get all
this losing of papers fiasco, but at least they're found
and interest rate is amazing. Only 9% no matter what amount
of loan you borrow. Far cheaper than going into high street
branch. Now will wait and see if loan goes into bank
account next week-better bloody do.

Heatings fixed, for now. Did summat with divertor again, or
was it pump, anyway it's working but got typed warning
letter from them as heating system needs remedial work re
ventilation shaft. Apparently it's not big enough and needs
to be dug deeper into foundations of house (eh?) and
doesn't conform to some standard.
Next time they visit if it aint done I wonder if we will
be breaking the law?? That ventilation shaft in comp room
cupboard has been there for donkey's years and am not doing
owt about it for now.
Again, bolox to letter-it's gone straight in to a drawer.
Can't be arsed with that at the minute.