Meshed Up
2002-08-19 11:30:07 (UTC)


sleepy is the adjective that describes me perfectly today.
perhaps, guilt-stricken too.

should i be harsher?

argh. cries from the walls. is she doing the deed again?

6 more minutes to sex and the city. i didn't do any work
today because of tiredness and lack of sleep. slept a bit
during the lecture...sigh. i really should get more sleep.
keep my concentration up.

a thought crossed my mind some months ago. the reason why i
dislike a certain somebody is because i am so much like her.

we both want attention. we both twist stories. we both try
to impress or shock people. we both just want to be the

as much as i hate to admit it, i'm afraid it's true. as the
old saying goes, the robber despises his fellow robber.

melbourne life. so cold. so quiet. and yet so stressful.

should i be harsher? should i be colder?

my heart is miles away. it's in a place where the sun
shines continuously and the people -- dark from the heat --
walk their ways.

time for sex and the city.