My Confessions
2002-08-19 07:24:35 (UTC)


So, while Jay and I were making dinner we had a really
interesting convo. Here is what it was pretty much like:

Jay: So what was with Christian attacking you during the
Me: Oh my god that was so embarrasing!
Jay: I know you guys were like on top of me and I was
trying to get out of the way when he started trying to feel
you up!
Me: I was trying to get him to stop the whole time!
Jay: Really? He didn't seem to notice.
Me: I know! Do you think he'll be mad at me long?
Jay: For pushing him off you, that was so funny!
Me: it wasn't funny!
Jay: I would have done the same thing if a girl I didn't
want to kiss me was all over me.
Me: Like what happened with Tiffany?
Jay: Oh, I hate that girl. She's all over every guy!
Didn't you see her with Christian?
Me: Don't remind me, was it just me or was he flirting back?
Jay: It looked like he was having fun, but I dunno

Okay, so now I am really twisted! I don't know what to do.
I like Christian, but for some reason he is really turning
me off lately. I mean lets go over the facts- according to
sam he only likes me physicaly and wants me to suck his
dick, then he flirts with a slut in front of me, then he
tries to make out with me in the least romantic place-and
doesn't stop! and then he LEAVES! So right now I'm thinking
Christian is an ass! After dinner Jay and I watched a
movie together and Sam calls and she is like "Jules why
don't you just go for him? He is hotter than Christian and
he is also your best friend!" So I'm like "you are one to
talk, miss I have a different bf every day of the week" And
then Jay is like "what are you talking about?" And I'm
like "I gotta go sam." So then Jay and I ended up watching
TV and then he left around 10. So I called Alyssa, and she
thinks I should give Christian another chance. She also
says that she agrees with Sam. She is like, "He really did
look like he liked what you were doing to him. If he was
hard while you were practically fucking him, then he was
definitely enjoying it." I'm like, "I wasn't fucking him"
and she is like, "I know, I know. But the way you two were
moving, if you hadn't been wearing swim suits, it would
have looked like porn sex." So I'm like, "what the hell
does that mean?" And she explains, and i'm like 'omg!'
Okay well it's after midnight so i'm gonna go sleep!