Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-07-14 06:28:08 (UTC)

O great ... Here we go

Yea yea .... you arent the only one to think that I dont
have a life. Trust me I think I need one to. It hasn't even
been an hour since my last entry and I feel like there is
soooo much more for me to say. Let's see. I could talk
about how much I miss Chris. Or how we even first met cus
... I have been asked that question so many times. And my
reply is always. He was the idiot that sat in front of me
in eighth grade. He mocked the Beatles when the teacher
played the video of them. and that was nearly 3 years ago.
You kno I never even really mentioned anything about me.
Okay well I am short stupid and fat. Hahaha perfect
description. No okay I am very oversensitive. FINE OKAY I
LIED ABOUT THAT TOO. Okay I have brown hair (which will
soon be black with blue and purple tint ..... well I hope)
I have brown eyes which I want bloodshot... hahah j/k ... I
am about 5'1 and 107 lbs. Remind me again why I am tellin
you all this shnit now??? People think I am a goth cus I
wear all black. Though it was my goal but I had to loosen
it up a bit cus I have respect for parents and most parents
don't like the look and even though I dont give a flying
fluck what my peers think about me I do care about the way
parents do. Hey it is only polite okay. My wardrobe is
mainly alll black. With a few other colors here and there.
Not much of it though. I dont wear or like to wear bright
colors no way no how but I tend to just so people kno that
I do have some color in my life. Even thought I would
rather stay dark and isolated away from everyone. That is
why I live in my closet. Well in a way I do. But
nevertheless I enjoy the company of my friends anyway. They
are great people. No matter how they are. Well in a way I
do care. I dislike people being disrespectful to people
whom they dont kno and especially when it is my house. Well
fine the house in which I live ... cus I dont pay the bills
.... I am renting ... hahaha I dont even do that. Anyhow
.... That is mainly about me. If I think of anything more
that I need to say ..... I will be more then happy to let
you kno. By the way I am not a Perky lil girl. I dont even
like to be concidered a girl. I am a SHIM .... fine I am a
Schizo. I have this thing called Schizophrenia. When I have
another person but ....... o fluck it. My other half is a
guy named Steve whom I really hate cus he is an ass. No not
my ass a Donkeys ass. You kno ..... well then I will let
you guess. Hahahahahahaha ....... O I am not goin to let
you it on that one. It is just too funny. Well yea ...... I
dont mean any offense to any girl but ....... I hate girls
.... they are wayyyy to competative. NOT ALL OF THEM. Some
of them. That is why I have more friends who are guys.
Shnit screw that ......... only two-thirds of my friends
are guys. Maybe like five or so are girls. Damn it .... I
just lost myself. YEP .... then I have this other sickness
called ummm ...... Panaphobia and then I am allergic to
sunlight. Which means when I am sick I have A LOT of
medication that I have to take. Which makes me a big ol'
wierdo. Hey TIMMY ..... that is funny huh? Hahaha. So that
is why my life is a screw up. O yea ...... I am also a
pathological liar ........ hahaha ..... okay that one I was
lying about ..... I just thought it was kind of funny to
put in here. Okay well yea ....... I guess ......... ummm
........................ hahaha........ yea