2001-07-14 06:19:23 (UTC)

crazy girl.

i didnt know you.
and i didnt care.
i really wasnt thinking.
you were just there.

you thought i was pretty.
i liked your blunt ways.
we kissed and fucked.
and that was supposed to be it.

but i remember your smile.
i remember the way you touched me.
i cant forget the way you looked at me.
with a look of assurance.

a crazy girl with a girlfriend.
and it was crazy.
crazy for me.

but when we slept you held me...
and i saw through your mask
of authority and arrogance.
i saw beauty in you.

i told you you could call.
although i knew you wouldnt.
i told you i would see you.
although i knew i shouldnt.

just a crazy girl with a girlfriend...
a crazy girl.

you dressed like a boy.
and pretended to be tough.
the sex was nice.
but you held me.
and kissed me.
and looked at me like
like you wanted to know me.
and i didnt let you.
i couldnt let you.

and you never called or wrote.
i sometimes wonder if you think of me.
but i guess not...
it was just dirty.
dirty sex.
but there were no lies.
and no promises were broken
because none we made.
i knew what i was doing.
but i didnt know what i would pay.

you were just a crazy girl with a girl friend..
and i drove stick.
lipgloss and water bottles.
a smile and a kiss.
thats all i remember.
all i remember of you.

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