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2002-08-19 05:56:06 (UTC)

It's been way too long again...

Ok. A bunch of stuff has happened. I don't even know when
the last time I wrote was. I guess I'll have to look it up.
It was at the beginning of last month.

The strange thing is that not a whole lot has happened. I
can think of three major things and that's it.

The first was a week ago. John and I went to Ikea (my first
time) a couple weeks ago. I just loved the place and said I
was going to go back and buy some chairs. THe following
week I got it into my head to invite my whole little world
of people to join us for chair shopping.

Well, I invited two girls, but they couldn't make it. So it
was me, John, Jay and Dave. That made for a car load so it
worked out ok. I just didn't get the female contact I'm so
in need of right now. Hanging out with guys all summer is
driving me nuts!!!

Ok, the second major thing happened the following night.
Dave and I were chit chatting about nothing and suddenly our
conversation went south...very south. We were talking about
having sex and all that goes with it. It wasn't like our
near cyber experience...that was more graphic. This was
general. We didn't talk about putting our hands on
eachothers bodies so much this time.

He said I looked good in the skirt and tank top I wore to
Ikea. It was just really nice to hear that. I hope he
finds a girl soon.

That leads me into the next major thing. I talked to Dave
on Thursday (I think) and he said that Sandy is probably
getting married to her boyfriend. Dave was crushed by the
news. I can totally imagine why. It must hurt to still
love someone and they close the door completely.

I had come online and he sounded down. I asked what was
wrong and he asked if I wanted the truth or the candy coated
version. I asked for the truth since it would eat me up if
I didn't. That's when I told me the bad (for him) news. I
wish I could clone myself for him. I know the clone
wouldn't have the exact personality that i have, but they
might be close enough.

Dave said he is probably coming over to fix a friends
computer soon after school starts. I can't wait! I hope I
can come up with a reason for John not to want to come. I
guess I want to relive what happend the last time Dave came

I seem to have this thing with repeating the good parts of
the past. I just want to re-live the highlights of my life.
There aren't very many so it would go fast, but it would be

Right now Jay is having pie with a girl I went to high
school with. We had dinner with her yesterday and then she
joined John, Jay and I later on in the evening.

She told me some very interesting news. I know it's
terrible to say, but it was funny to me. I found out that a
friend of mine, Nelson, is getting married toward the end of
this year. He just happens to be marrying the most recent
ex-girlfriend of my only ex-boyfriend Jason. To top it off
Nelson and Jason were best friends all through highschool.
I don't know if they are now or not... I got a laugh out of
it. I was imainging Jason crushed at the thought of it.

I am now sobering up about the idea because it's got to be
as hard on him as the whole Sandy thing is on Dave. Oh well
fuck it. I can laugh all I want.

I started a painting for Jay. I was thinking it might be a
christmast present, but I guess if I get it done really soon
I'll just give it to him now. It's so he has something on
his walls at his place.

Sleep is calling work is way too soon in the morning.

Oh, Dave is out of town on bussiness for a couple weeks. I
hope he has an internet connection.

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