The life and times...
2001-07-14 05:57:23 (UTC)

It's Been A Long Time

I am so happy today and I dont have a clue as to why. I
didnt do anything special today. All I did was go out to my
friend Jon's in Flint with Valarie and my b/f Scott. Scott
and I curled up on the floor and I slept all day in his
arms. All the way home I was thinking. I was thinking about
when Scott and I got back together. You see we broke up for
stupid reasons and then we realized that we still wanted to
be with each other.Since we got back together I have just
been so happy. I think it helped our relationship. We dont
fight as much as we used to and for a long time I have no
feelings toward him at all except that he was getting on my
nerves. Then when we broke up I realized that I wanted and
more than that I needed him in my life. A few months ago
whenever we were apart I was so happy and felt free now
when we are apart I miss him like I did when we first
started dating. He makes me feel like I am special again
like he wants me around. Almost as if he cares again.
Scott is the type of person who when you are down he can
somehow make you smile. If something is wrong he will be
there by you no matter what. He was there for me through
everything. A friend of mine once told me that if you can
picture yourself marrying the person you are with then it
is meant to be. I CAN picture myself marrying him. He is
everything that I want in a companion. He loves me, he
would do anything for me, hes funny, hes sweet, he cares,
hes handsome, and I love him to death. I mean yea times
will be tough but look at what we have made it through in
the past and it is clear that we can make it through just
about anything. What do you think?