My Confessions
2002-08-19 05:28:33 (UTC)

Guys like girls just for their looks!

Dear Diary,

Where was I? Oh yes, lunch...it was....ugh! Okay so it
was fun at first Sam was telling me all about this guy Dave
and how Bloodwork went. (She said it was good except that
Clint Eastwood is about 73 and gets it on with a 30year old
and that was nasty). So Dave is gonna be a freshman in
college. We are both gonna be seniors (YAAAY) which
reminds me, we start school really soon, ugh! Okay so I
showed her the convo and we got in this fight over what it
meant. Sam thinks that Christian is an ass. I got all
pissed at her, cuz frankly i don't like any of the guys she
chooses but i keep my mouth shut and be nice. But no she's
like "I think that you aren't seeing the real Christian cuz
you are so focused on how cute he is." I was so mad at her
for that! I'm like 'what is the real Christian then?" she's
like, "Look at the convo, he digs you mostly cuz you're
just really pretty." I'm like, "no, that's not true" And
she's like "no you're right that's not true, he also wants
you to give him head." She really isn't one to talk,
apparently Dave (the guy she went on one date with,
expected her to do more than just kiss last night) So then
I'm like, "well if he wants someone that looks like me and
would give him head why doesn't he just go out with
collete?" And she gives me this look and goes, "your sister
has had more riders than the village bicycle, she's not
much of a steal" Granted its true and all, but still i
mean Collete is my sister, I don't like it when ppl talk
about her like that. I know it's a double standard, but
its okay for me to call Cole a slut, but when someone else
does, for some reason i just get offended, maybe its family
pride or something i dunno.
Then Samantha really goes for the gold and she's
like, "besides i don't think Christian is the only one that
likes you." and now i am completely confused and she's
like "Look at the convo! Looks like JT has the hots for
you." So at this point we cannot disagree with eachother
more. I'm like "what the hell are you talking about." She's
like, "okay, I know it was Truth or dare last night, but OH
MY GOD!" I ask her what the hell she's talking about again
and she goes, "Well you should have seen it! Alyssa dares
you to lap dance and make out with Jay and he looked so
happy over it. Then you sit in his lap facing him with
your legs on either side of him, practically straddling his
dick, while you shake your boobs in his face and ride his
dick, and on top of that you are totally making out with
him!" At this point I'm trying not to laugh and she
goes, "I'm serious! JT was so into it Jules!" So then I
started waving my hands at her to get her to stop. I mean
ITS JAY, yeah i've kissed him before that, (he was actually
the first guy i ever kissed) but I've never thought about
him liking me LIKE THAT! It's just not possible, so I
tried to bring the convo back around to christian and
Samantha is like. "I just don't see Chris as being a nice
guy. I mean, yeah he seems alright, but look at what he
says, all he talks about you is physical. He thinks you
are hot, he says he felt you up, and he wants you to suck
his dick." So tried to defend him, but she wouldn't hear
any of my arguments, so now I don't know what to do! I
mean I'm not going to let my friends opinions decide my
actions, but I don't know what to do! I'm gonna call Alyssa
right now, but I will write more later to fill you in on
the details of today.