Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-07-14 05:51:24 (UTC)


OOOO I am so bad. NO I did not screw anyone. The thought
had crossed my mind though. Hahaha NOT!!!!!!!! Okay well
that isn't why I am so bad. I feel so ....... what you say
.......... NOSEY! Hahaha I read soooooo many Diary entries
written by everyone else. Yes they are people that I do NOT
know by the way. Hehe. Sorry guys or girls or yea .... but
some were kinda funny and some were really sad. But I was
beyond nosey. On some of them I read like alll the entries.
Here I am on my most favorite day (Friday the 13th) and I
am reading entries to peoples Diaries. Hehehe. Though in a
way it was kind of fun. Hehehe. Other then that I guess the
rest of my day was really boring. No .... I lied. I got to
clean my room ... O jump for joy with me. Pssh! That wasnt
so bad though. Hahaha. Hey at least I did something okay. I
could have read more entries but then my eyes would have
been all screwy and shnit. WOW! That was interesting SHNIT!
Hahaha. Okay well yea. I talked to my favorite person of
all time for about 45 minutes. OOOO who is it? The boogie
man hahaha. No but I really do kno the boogie man. He is my
best friend. Hehe. Okay well ummm ......... O yea ... I was
talkin to Chris. He isn't goin to call me later though.
SNIFF*** O well .... I will talk to him tomorrow though.
Man! That sucks. Hehehe o well. Can't do anything about it.
Hmmm ........ OOOOO about the entries I read ..... One had
to do with some girl who put her "Cyber Sex Chat" into her
Diary as an entry. It was funny to read but disgusting in a
way. It isn't something that you really want to hear or
even read about. And this other one was about some girl who
had alll her choices so far in life made by her parents
which really sucks. I really feel sorry for that one.
((((By the way ..... I leave names out .... just a habit))))
HEY ........... TIMMY!!!!!! What are you up to??? Hehehe
.... I swear that boy scares me. Hehehe. Well in a way they
all scare me. KITTY is ummm scary by those lil cds she
carries. And some people are scary cus they are "NORMAL"
what is with that word. CHRIS scares me cus ........ well
..... ummm ...... he just does .... but I love him anyways.
DARIA ... she is a stalker .... hahahaha I am kidding. She
is ummm wierd. SHNIT ... so am I. hahaha What a dumbass.
Okay well yea everyone scares me in some way or another but
I still love them all. In that friendship way. Chris on the
other hand is more then that..... I think. hehehe I am
kidding. I have to stop kidding. Okay well I am goin to go
do some chatting ... if I happen to come across any
interesting chats ..... I will once again turn to my Diary
so I can make fun of it. OOO I am soo evil ........ dont
worry I do more then you think. O STOP IT .... NOT IN THAT
WAY. O you weren't thinkin in that way ...... o my deepest
apologies to you. Wait ...... why the hell am I apologizing
for ....... DAMN IT! okay ...... hahaha .........

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