2001-07-14 05:37:28 (UTC)

Losing Melanie (Part III) - [07:45] June 2, 2355

"Yesterday at 4:35 PM, Melanie was killed by a stray bullet
from a firefight that she wasn't even a part of."

Sarah gasped and put a hand over her mouth. Her head
reeled and she felt light. Her eyes clouded over and
nausea washed over her. Suddenly a pair of strong furred
hands grabbed her arms and held her tight. She vomited
suddenly into Chris' chest and lap. Recovering, she looked
at him. He was staring down at himself. Then he looked
back up at her, worried. "You ok?"

She nodded slightly, then shook her head. "Yes, no...no,
of course not! Melanie's dead? Melanie?"

Chris held her still, almost viciously. "Sarah, stop it. Yes,
Melanie is dead. Now, we have to-"

Sarah shook her head, pushing Chris away, or trying. Chris, she
realized, as an Arcanine, was at least four times as strong as she, a
human/lion cross-breed. Finally, she gave in, and fell into his
furred chest, into her own vomit. The sound of the shower suddenly
pierced her mind again. "Eew..." She leaned back, disgusted, then
climbed back into the shower, cleaning herself off. Chris followed,
doing likewise.

When the mates were clean, they dried silently and walked to their
room. Sarah turned and glared at Chris, the cool air continuing to
dry her still-naked body. "Now, explain."

Chris nodded. "Alright. Melanie was going to the store to buy
something, I don't know what, and two males in a fight drew guns and
fired. She was caught in the crossfire. That's really all there
is. Now, we have to-"

Sarah was furious. "That's all there is? Chris, Melanie was our
friend! How can we just...just...what do we have to do?" She
suddenly came to her senses.

Chris smiled. "We have to think about one thing."

"Wait..." A thought had suddenly struck the humanoid. "What about

Chris sighed exasperatedly. "If you'd let me finish, that's what I
was going to say. Delilah as of right now doesn't know about her
mother's death. She spent the night with Tekka at Mokkan's house.
Now, Mokkan and I talked at length, and we finally decided the best
course of action to take with Delilah's fate." He looked intently at
Sarah. "You're infertile, no?"

She grew indignant. "That's a rude and unnecessary question."


She nodded. "Yes, yes, I'm infertile. What does that-" She broke
off. "You're not suggesting..."

Chris smiled, his eyes twinkling. "You've always wanted a

Her eyes bugged. "Are you serious? We can...we're going to...?"

Chris hugged her tightly. "We're adopting Delilah."